The American Riad

THE AMERICAN RIAD project is re-building the corner of Oakland Ave and E Euclid through Art and Culture,
in a multi-year project of skillshares and public art
to create a moroccan-style riad
(a central, shared courtyard, filled with art and gardens)


Oakland Avenue Artist Coalition, Ghana ThinkTank, North End Woodward Community Organization, and Central Detroit Christian CDC, have formed a partnership with think tanks in Morocco and Indonesia – two Muslim-Majority nations – to rebuild this corner through arts and culture into a riad (a central, shared courtyard, filled with art and gardens).


A series of soaring stainless steel sculptures will form the outline of the riad, or courtyard, and local artists will fill it with art. The riad will be a public space for gatherings, workshops, gardening, performances, and the display of local and international art.


To prevent gentrification and displacement, after the sculpture courtyard is built, Central Detroit Christian CDC will work with North End Woodward Community Organization to develop the surrounding buildings as affordable housing, guaranteed in perpetuity through the legal and financial protections of a Land Trust and Equity Co-op.



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