Fresh like 3rd Coast water
Writer, painter, poet, graphic artist, community activist, a Creative Officer and President of Red Door Digital, a print communication resource and Native Detroiter.

I write imaginary pastoral vistas over televised pop culture reality.

I have no formal education as a writer, but I can not claim to be totally self taught. I’ve been guided by the likes of Willie Williams, Vivee Francis, Aurora Harris, Faruq Z. Bey, John Sinclair, Van Baldwin and Joe Ferrari. (I’m pretty sure there are some other influences that would like credit, but...)

Studied graphic design at Crockett Voc/Tec, when Albert Noyer called the craft Commercial Art. I sat around classes at Academy of Art in San Francisco, where I learned quite a bit about mural painting San Francisco, not art school. I am blessed to have sat at the feet of Hubert Massey In my opinion, Detroit’s most important living Black artist, before him Elizabeth Catlett Mora.

I’ve been privileged to have some random works of art and writing sneak out of notebooks, bedroom studios and one restroom stall door published and presented by Broadside Press & Wayne Literary Review. I’ve installed (painted) murals for More Java Too!, in the main branch or the Detroit Public Library, (I was a barista there too). My paintings have been used by Spoken Word artist Mike E, Tabernacle MBC, Dally in the Alley and for bunch of good things by a few good people.

Presently I serve as Secretary of the North End Central Woodward Governance Board

It is my hope that my skill and experience can be used to bring some benefit to the community.
Bragging rights
I have a robin's egg blue, wall mounted, rotary dial phone and an Arthur Umanoff Meridian wall clock, model 75 by Howard Miller in my Mid-Century Modern kitchen and a working Apple 2e computer with software and working floppy discs.